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Here at Rio Stone, it is our mission to meet and exceed all your granite/quartz installation expectations. We view quality service as a cornerstone of our business and always keep our customers top of mind. We want our customers to be aware and understand every step of the process. Below is what you can expect when you choose Rio Stone for your granite and quartz needs!

Image by Henry & Co.
Rio Stone Process.png

Step 1
Approximate Your Square Footage

1. Start by measuring the length of all countertops or surfaces, this could be from wall to wall, wall to open edge, or for an island, just edge to edge. (Measure in inches for the most accurate results.)

2. Now that you have the length, find the corresponding width of each piece.

3. You will then multiply the length by the width for each measured section, which will give you the total area in square inches.

4. To convert your total from square inches to square feet, you simply divide your previous number from Step 3 by 144. This will give you your square footage.


length of counters: 126"

with of counters: 25.5"

126 * 25.5 = 3,213

3,213 / 144 = 22.3 sq ft

**Backsplash is done exactly the same, except instead of measuring the width of the counters, you will multiply the length of the piece by the desired height of the backsplash. (The "lip" is typically 4", and a full backsplash is typically 17".)


Step 2

Select Your Stone


Come visit our showroom where we have over 70 selections to choose from! If you are located farther away or are curious now, check out our inventory below! *Inventory is subject to change.

Select Your Edge


Choose from any of our FIVE free edges for simple, classic beauty. If you're looking to add something unique and bold, go for the upgrades! Premium edges make a statement in any room.

Select Your Sink

sinks paint.jpg

All of these sinks come FREE with your kitchen, vanity, bar, laundry area, etc. Handcrafted, 18-Guage Stainless Steel kitchen sinks are contemporary and add durability to your home. Our porcelain white vanity sinks give a classic and elegant feel.

Step 3

Time to schedule templating and installation!

1. At your templating appointment, one of our experienced team members will do a complete layout of the work to be done and give you a final quote.

Below is our current pricing:


Level 1: $45/square foot

Level 2: $55/square foot

Level 3: $65/square foot

Level 4: $75/square foot

Level 5: $85/square foot

Quartz: As low as $65/square foot

Exotic: As low as $95/square foot

2. Once everything is approved, the next step is to schedule your installation appointment! Please note that a 50% deposit is due when scheduling.

Step 4

Our fabrication team is cutting your selected stone and applying your personalized edge to ensure the highest quality and satisfaction!


Step 5


*Homeowner must have plumbing ready for installation

*Remaining 50% of invoice is due

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